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Quran Recitation

By reciting the Quran from a starting point and continue while studying the tone and the correct sound of each letter It is human nature that when we are in love we are always thinking of the beloved. Allah created us this way. Similarly, one who truly loves Allah, the one who understands how much he is in need of Allah will constantly think about Allah. That is why one of the signs of faith is to constantly think of Allah, to always be mindful of Allah. Allah said in Quran ''Wa ratil Al Quran tartila'' That's mean ''he recited the Qur’an slowly and clearly '' Definition of the ten recitations The Qur’anic recitation is defined as one of the aspects of uttering the words of the Holy Qur’an _ Several things are required in the correct reading, all of which must be achieved, and if any of them is disturbed, then the reading is then considered weak, invalid, or abnormal, and the conditions are: [8] The approval of the reading in the Arabic language, even in one way, as the reading is a followed year, it is required To accept the attribution, and there is no room for opinion. Reading approval of the Mushaf drawing, even if it is a possibility, it is not required that all Mushafs agree, and it is sufficient if some of them agree with the reading. the validity of the bond; Since reading is Sunnah; Both the narration and the chain of transmission must be authentic _ The ten readings are known as the Qur’anic reading as one of the aspects of uttering the words of the Holy Qur’an the scholars agreed with him on that, and the three readings are attributed to Imam Yazid Al-Madani, Yaqoub Al-Hadrami, and KhalafAl-Baghdadi.

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