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Tajweed Quran Learning

Tajweed Quran Learning

Tajweed Quran Learning

the distinction between memorizing Quran with and without Tajweed.

The Arabic language may be familiar to a large number of individuals. Even though it may be their second language, the fact that they are fluent in it may make them believe that they can speak the Quran correctly. But before you begin reading the Holy Book, you will encounter something called “Tajweed,” which is essentially Quranic grammar, and you must learn it. Many people wonder why it is important, and with all the online schools that let you learn Quran with Tajweed, it undoubtedly gains some significance. So, this is how learning Tajweed with and without it differs

Why is Tajweed so necessary?

There are persons who are proficient in reading and writing Arabic because they have studied the language. These people believe that because the Quran is also written in Arabic, they may read it and learn it using Tajweed. The Arabic accent affects a word’s meaning in a number of ways, thus reading a sentence incorrectly might cause confusion about its intended meaning and perhaps change it altogether. As a result, the lessons are misinterpreted, and no one will want to make that mistake since it is illegal.

The issue with reading without Tajweed is that Quranic reading differs from conventional Arabic reading. It takes a particular command of the language, which will enable you to read the verses as they were intended. Tajweed is the name of the collection of rules that determines how you should pronounce a word. Because of this, you cannot read the Quran well without mastering Tajweed.

combining Quranic study with Tajweed

If you want to use Tajweed, you must first comprehend its particular syntax. You will learn how to pronounce words and how to read a verse with the aid of this. The “Qaida,” a short booklet that assists you in learning the words and the marks necessary for proper pronunciation, is usually where it comes from.

You will therefore be able to read the Quran correctly once you have finished studying Qaida. You will learn where it is OK to use some force in your speech and when it is appropriate to be polite. You have the opportunity to discover when you should make a saying longer and when you should make it shorter. In the end, you’ll read it with the appropriate accent used by the Holy Prophet (PBUH), which enables you to interpret that verse correctly.


So, this is the difference between learning the Holy Quran with and without Tajweed. Whenever you are going to take classes over the internet, make sure you undertake the ones that help you to learning Quran with tajweed Online. Once you know the grammar appropriately and you are fluent with it, you might become able to read the Holy Quran on your own.

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