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Importance of Online Quran Education for Children

Importance of Online Quran Education for Children

Importance of Online Quran Education for Children

1. The value of teaching children the Qur’an

  • A. Quranic instruction Find out why it’s essential for kids to learn the Quran online and how it can improve their lives. Religious instruction is an essential component of a child’s upbringing. In Muslim countries, proper Quran instruction is crucial. However, the parents seldom give this important component of education their full attention, which leads to the child’s poor comprehension of the Quran in general and Islam in particular later in life. The education of the Quran takes devoted time and the appropriate training, much like other parts of a child’s grooming. A youngster cannot be adequately taught about such a complete divine book with so many different parts by a lousy teacher.
  • B. The entire Code of Life. Children can gain a lot from learning about the Quran if they are properly guided. The Quran provides comprehensive guidance for living in all areas. Children can learn many important moral lessons from it.
  • C. Literary Value. In addition to being a holy book, the Quran is a literary masterpiece. There are many benefits to learning. The writing style of the Quran is distinctive and poetic. The Quran is a joy to read and comprehend.
  • D. Studying history. Apart from its religious content, the Quran has a lot to say about Muslim history. There are numerous historical allusions in the Quran.
  • E .Mental faculty. Remembering something you don’t comprehend is challenging. It is a difficult task that calls for determination and focus. The memory of a child is enhanced by memorizing the Quran.

2. Online Quran Education is Needed.

How we used to view schooling and daily life has changed as a result of the COVID pandemic and recent disasters. Online education is now essential due to mobile and IT technology. Young kids are introduced to mobile technology. A kid’s interest is piqued by the presentation’s fascinating nature. Even if the subject matter is dull or the youngster is learning a new language like Arabic, a well-balanced and designed app can help him concentrate.  Online education is now a required component of the educational system. It has emerged as a key method for gaining new knowledge and a better education. Online Quran education has become increasingly necessary, and it is no different from other forms of education. Children’s academic lives are so packed and active that finding time for extracurricular activities becomes challenging. It can be considerably simpler to integrate Quran education into children’s daily activities when it is done online.

3. Major Obstacles to Traditional Quranic Instruction

  • A. Standardized Education. The traditional Quranic education process is time-consuming. Managing the kids time takes a lot of work and effort. Most religious institutions have classes in the late afternoon or evening. At such a moment, the majority of students don’t have the best energy or attitude. It isn’t flexible enough to organize the teaching schedule. The teaching methods are monotonous, and it is impossible to tailor the learning environment to each child’s unique personality. Children can learn about the Quran while having fun thanks to eLearning. It can be modified to suit the children’s individual interests.
  • B. Negative Institute Environments In educational institutions, incidences of violence and sex abuse are on the rise. Politics and the propensity to promote extremism are now accepted norms. Another issue is bullying among kids and by teachers. There is no effective accountability system in place to prevent a teacher from mistreating a student. Students with disabilities don’t get enough attention.
  • C. The place There are not always good teachers to be found. Either the teaching place is really far away or there isn’t enough room inside the home to teach the kids without disturbing them.
  • D. The pupil:teacher ratio Traditional teaching methods had a very low student-to-teacher ratio. A student cannot receive individualized instruction from the teacher.
  • E. Ineffective teachers The native teachers have relatively little schooling and are not fluent in the language. Their primary focus in learning the Quran is rote memorization and simple reading, not comprehending. As far as the language is concerned, the quality of Quran teachers who are available in non-Arabic is not particularly good.
  • F. Child psychology. Children today are incredibly digitally savvy. Since they attend school in a high-tech setting, learning the Quran the traditional way is extremely challenging for them. The advanced mental abilities of youngsters are not satisfied by traditional Quran teaching techniques.

4. Benefits of Online Quran Instruction

  • A. Cost effectiveness.
  • to start. More and more students are choosing online learning as a result of rising school costs and inflation. Online learning is much more affordable than conventional Quran instruction. The use of printed materials is not necessary. All of the educational resources are readily available online. It is really simple to use and interactive. Even less expensive than online instruction is the mobile application.
  • Information technology advancements. The popularity of distance learning has increased as a result of IT improvements. In the present era, learning the Quran while lounging in your home is made incredibly simple thanks to high-speed Internet and interactive tablets. Online education makes it easier to teach topics like the Quran. Online resources abound that can improve the learning process. There are apps available to teach kids about the Quran and Islam in a more interactive way, in addition to taking classes online from a teacher.
  • B. Parental Guidance Throughout the Lesson. Parental supervision can enhance a child’s learning, and it can also help the teacher understand the child’s mentality while the lesson is being taught. Parents have a fantastic opportunity to observe and educate their children as they study the Quran through online education. They could be incorporated into a child’s learning process. Given that their parents are close by and that the outdoors can be challenging for them, children with special needs can also learn it.
  • C. Environment that Promotes Learning. Since online lectures can be recorded and repeated, learning is more effective. They could develop into a reliable source of kid-friendly entertainment. Better learning tools that are typically not available in religious institutions can be more engaging and included. It is simple to visit the historical locations described in the Quran and become interested in studying them.
  • E. Management of time.Even kids should care about this very important problem. They are dedicated to a variety of activities relating to their hobbies and schools. In the time that is available, it is challenging to find a suitable teacher. Children can learn the Quran online at a time when they are more alert and in a good mood. Parents have a lot of flexibility when scheduling their children’s daily schedules because of online Quran instruction.
  • F. Native tutors. Online, finding tutors of Arabic is simple. They benefit from the region’s culture and traditions in addition to the language. They can impart knowledge to the child in the following areas: how to read the Quran; how to relate historical events contained in the Quran; and, finally, how people living there today are coping with the same circumstances. For children to learn about the Quran and acquire the proper pronunciation, learning the Quran from local Arabs can be very beneficial. Compared to a native non-Arab teacher, an Arab teacher provides much more accurate and contextualized explanations of the historical events in the Quran.
  • G. One-on-One Instruction Is More Effective. For some disciplines, group learning has its advantages. However, one-on-one instruction is a much more effective and goal-oriented method for learning the Quran. When given individualized attention, kids learn more. In a large class, teachers can’t maintain individual attention for very long. Children pick up more knowledge quickly. Even if the youngster is not interested in learning, one-on-one instruction can still benefit them because of the teacher-student connection.

5. Conclusion

The teaching of the Quran is crucial for a child’s appropriate upbringing. A barrier to a proper and regular education is the low caliber of native teachers as well as the current epidemic and flood crisis. Traditional schooling is pricey and comes with numerous additional costs. Parents place a high priority on the safety and security of their children. Online Quran instruction is essential in the current society. Compared to other forms of education, it is much more cost-effective. Technology advancements have made learning the Quran a very engaging and enjoyable activity for kids. Depending on their child’s psyche, parents can supervise their child’s learning.The atmosphere at home is much more conducive to learning and is kid-friendly. In their own homes, children feel more at ease. Online Quran instruction can be modified to fit a child’s free time, disposition, and level of energy. For learning the Quran, native Arabic speakers can be significantly superior. In addition to teaching Arabic, they provide a special real-world cultural and social experience. In a very short amount of time, children can learn more in one-on-one instruction. Considering everything mentioned above, online education is the best option if you want to teach your child the Quran in less time, more cheaply, and with a better understanding.

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